The Baylor Business Review

Gerald Haddock, BBA '69, JD '71

Haddock Investments | Founder

Real estate entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist and baseball fan. Gerald Haddock personifies all of these roles. Haddock began his career by serving as principal counsel for the Fort Worth-based Bass family and as lead transactional attorney and chief negotiator for Richard Rainwater, investment advisor to the Bass family. He began his foray into the real estate industry as a founder of Crescent Real Estate Equities Company, which went public in 1994. At Crescent Real Estate, Haddock served as CEO and COO, leading the company in major acquisitions of commercial office projects in downtown Dallas and Houston.

Haddock currently devotes time to serving as a board member of ENSCO International Incorporated, Cano Petroleum, Inc., and Meritage Homes Corporation. Through his company, Haddock Investments, his involvement in the real estate industry continues. “While I currently serve on three public corporate boards in the areas of oil and gas and housing, I find time to focus my company on entrepreneurial business opportunities, including real estate development,” he said. “In that business over the last few years, we have developed projects for Starbucks, Arby’s, Capital One, Chili’s and National Tire and Battery. We are also engaged in several large tract developments around the Metroplex involving shopping center developments.”

An avid fan of “America’s greatest pastime” and one of the owners of the Texas Rangers baseball club during President George W. Bush’s tenure as general partner of the club, he formed the Haddock Foundation to create opportunities for college baseball players through the Texas Collegiate Baseball League. Haddock funneled his passion for art into creating the Haddock Center, which serves as a study and research center for the paintings of Stanhope Alexander Forbes.

Throughout his career, Haddock has encountered challenges and successes alike, but credits his experience at Baylor for positively impacting the outcomes. “Baylor’s emphasis on a well-rounded education and foundation for life helps keep business and professional achievement in perspective,” he said. “That is important because life will be filled with changes, tremendous successes, and by the same token, periods of true personal testing. The underpinnings and foundation I received at Baylor provided me with the ability, desire, and motivation to handle these various phases of life.”