Other Organizations

Along with The Haddock Center and The Haddock Foundation, Gerald Haddock is involved with numerous for-profit and not-for-profit boards.


The CEELI Insitute


Gerald Haddock has remained involved in the legal community. Since 2010, he has been involved with the CEELI Institute, a not-for profit, international provider of post-graduate, professional legal education headquartered in Prague. The Institute’s mission is to develop an international, professional community of reformers committed to the rule of law. Through innovative training programs and other activities, the Institute works with judges and legal reformers in countries in transition to support the continuing development of market economies and democratic institutions in addition to building a respect for human rights. Mr. Haddock is currently a Director of the Friends of the CEELI Institute based out of Washington DC.

To learn more about Gerald Haddock's connection to Rule of Law training to Eastern Bloc officials and judges, please view the 2012 CEELI Annual Report.


To learn more about The CEELI Institute, please visit http://ceeliinstitute.org/


Baylor College of Medicine


Baylor College of Medicine, located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, is a highly regarded medical school and leading center for biomedical research and clinical care. Since 2010, Gerald Haddock has been a member of the Board of Trustees. In this capacity, he has served on the Executive Committee as Chairman of the Globalization Committee, a member of the Audit Committee, and as a member of the Investment Committee. These committees utilize Mr. Haddock’s expertise in investments and finance in order to better support the needs of the Baylor College of Medicine.

To learn more about the Baylor College of Medicine, please visit www.bcm.edu.

Baylor University


Gerald Haddock has remained actively involved with the Baylor University system. In 1998 he served as a director of the Baylor Foundation which oversaw the endowments to the university. The Foundation has since become a part of the Executive Investment Committee on which Mr. Haddock currently serves.

To learn more about Baylor University, please visit www.baylor.edu.


Meritage Homes Corporation


In 2005 Gerald Haddock was appointed as a director of the Meritage Homes Corporation. Meritage Homes Corporation is an American real-estate development company that constructs single-family homes across the country and active adult communities in Arizona. It is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a publicly traded company. It is a member of the Public Home Builders Council of America. The company has been featured on Fortune’s "Fastest Growing Companies in America" list for five of the last seven years, is regularly featured on the "Fortune 1000" list of high-revenue companies, and recently made the Forbes "Platinum 400 – Best Big Companies in America" ranking for a third consecutive year. It is listed in the S&P 600 SmallCap Index.Since 1993, Meritage has sponsored a nationally recognized home giveaway program, the Home of Miracles, now known as the All-Star Miracle Home, which has raised millions for children's hospitals.


In his role as a director for the board, Mr. Haddock served as Chairperson of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, and as a member of the Executive Compensation and Audit Committees.

To learn more about Meritage Homes, please visit www.meritagehomes.com.


ENSCO International, PLC


Since 1986, Gerald Haddock has served as a founding director of ENSCO International, PLC, a leading global offshore oil and gas drilling service company. It is the world's second-largest offshore oil and gas well drilling company, and has 49 offshore jack-ups, seven drill ships and 20 semi-submersible drilling rigs.


As one of the initial three directors, he was instrumental in leading the negotiation efforts of Rainwater Group to acquire the company (formerly known as Blocker Energy). Mr. Haddock serves on the Board of Directors as a Director and as the Chairperson of the Audit Committee. He was also co-lead director for a significant portion of his service.

The Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Educational Foundation, Inc.

As a scholar and star collegiate athlete in his own time Gerald Haddock was drawn to an organization that would recognize the same in the talented collegiate youth of today. One such organization is the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Educational Foundation, Inc. The winner of the Golden Arm Award, is not only one of the nation's top quarterbacks, displaying prowess in athletic accomplishments, but also displaying great character, citizenship, scholastic achievement, and leadership qualities.

In his role as a member of the Advisory Commitee, Mr. Haddock helps to ensure that his unique knowledge and skills, help augment the knowledge and skills of the formal board of directors in order to move effectively and guide the organization in its clear purpose.

To learn more about ENSCO International, please visit www.enscoplc.com.