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The Washington Post Features Gerald Haddock in Article on His Winning Bid for RGIII's Cleats

On May 9, 2013 the Washington Post wrote an article on Gerald Haddock's winning bid for pink cleats worn by Redskin's Quarterback Robert Griffin III. The auction benefited the American Cancer Society.

On May 8, 2013 Gerald Haddock attended the American Cancer Society’s Mother of the Year Luncheon in Washington, DC. He hosted RGIII at his table at the luncheon. To benefit the American Cancer Society, RGIII donated a pair of pink cleats he wore last season during October games to an auction at the event. Gerald Haddock won the auction for the famed cleats with a fantastic bid. RGIII signed the cleats for Gerald on stage at the luncheon. Many news sources have picked up and are running the story.

The Washington Post and USA Today are running features on Gerald Haddock's great auction win!


Gerald Haddock with RGIII
Gerald Haddock

In the early 1990s, Gerald Haddock was engaged in a general private equity business. The primary operations involved selecting, buying, restructuring, and operating various entities, particularly real estate, oil & gas, and other entrepreneurial-related activities. At this time he continued his service to a Dallas based company as the lead transactional attorney.


In 1994, Mr. Haddock transferred real estate interests owned, directly or indirectly, by him to a Dallas based real estate partnership in connection with a successful public offering of common shares of a related company. He continued aspects of the same business activities as President and Chief Operating Officer, and later became Chief Executive Officer of the major Dallas based real estate company.


In 1999, Gerald Haddock left that real estate company and shortly thereafter formed Haddock Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Haddock Investments, which continues the same private equity type of activities in which Mr. Haddock had been engaged over the previous decade. Those activities include creation of a series of companies which together structured a proxy contest to take over Sabine Royalty Trust, which was engaged in the oil and gas business.


Recognizing Gerald Haddock’s vast experience and expertise in private equity investments, institutions with significant endowments, such as Baylor College of Medicine and Baylor University, have appointed Mr. Haddock to their respective Boards and investment committees (Baylor College of Medicine Executive Investment Committee, Baylor University Executive Investment Committee, and Baylor University Real Estate Investment Committee).  These institutions rely upon Mr. Haddock’s unique ability to identify attractive investments and to guide their respective committees in investment decisions and to chair various special purpose sub committees.  Baylor College of Medicine and companies such as Ensco International, PLC and Meritage Homes Corporation have likewise recognized the value of having a director with Mr. Haddock’s particular capabilities and combination of finance, accounting, and legal expertise serve on their respective Boards and Audit and Nominating & Governance committees. Mr. Haddock has served for more than twenty five years on Ensco’s Board and as Chairperson of its Audit Committee.  Presently, he serves on Ensco’s Audit, Nominating & Governance and Executive Compensation Committees. Gerald Haddock currently serves as Chairperson of Meritage’s Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, along with serving on its Audit and Executive Compensation Committees.

Haddock Investments also engages in many partnerships for the purchase, development, and sale of real estate, particularly focusing on “Build-to-Suit” opportunities. Another business started during this period is Premier Marketing Team, which is engaged in the healthcare insurance business and is principally owned by Haddock Investments. Gerald Haddock through his position as President of Haddock Investments is actively engaged in the operation and expansion of that business.

Along with private equity investments, real estate developments, and Premier Marketing, Haddock Investments is now considering becoming involved in the film industry. At Gerald Haddock’s 50th birthday party, NFL legend Johnny Unitas and his son John discussed potential business arrangements with Mr. Haddock. Following the passing of Mr. Unitas, his other son, Joe Unitas, asked Gerald Haddock and Haddock Investments to become involved in the development of a motion picture based on Johnny Unitas’ life and career. The film, entitled “Unitas We Stand,” is based on Tom Callahan’s best-selling book, “Johnny U: The Life and Times of Johnny Unitas,” and was adapted for the screen by Joe Unitas and Nick Slatkin. The movie is scheduled to premier in 2014.


Haddock Investments may team up with the group behind “Unitas We Stand” in an investor capacity because of Gerald Haddock’s appreciation and admiration of the NFL star’s life and astounding career. Investing in the film industry would mark a new chapter for Haddock Investments.


Check out the video below to see the legend himself, Johnny Unitas, speak at Gerald Haddock’s 50th birthday party.

In 1989, Gerald Haddock became a part owner of the Texas Rangers baseball club. It was during the negotiations for the sale of the team that he met former President George W. Bush who was an owner of the team at that time. Gerald Haddock and President Bush formed a friendship over their mutual appreciation for the sport and each other.


For Mr. Haddock’s 50th birthday, President Bush made a video discussing how he met Gerald Haddock and his relationship with him over the years.


On April 25, 2013 Gerald Haddock will attend the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The friendship and support that began more than twenty years ago remains.


Below is the video from President Bush to Gerald on his 50th birthday.