In the News
Footprint Features Films, a LA based film company with a long standing reputation for producing award winning movies, has opportunistically restructured with Executive Producer Gerald Haddock joining as owner & Chairman of the Board. The company is now positioned on the heels of its newest critically acclaimed success, Shimmer Lake, due to the immeasurable contributions of none other than Gerald Haddock launching its newest venture: The Footprint Film Fund.

Haddock Investments has been exploring film opportunities for a number of years. Recently Haddock Film put together a partnership in which it became a co- executive producer of Shimmer Lake. Netflix original Shimmer Lake is a dark, comic- crime drama which is presented in reverse order. Enjoy the trailer! 
Hot Off the Press

Haddock Film which was an executive producer of Shimmer Lake has just learned that Variety Magazine is recommending the movie for the 2017 Best Original Screenplay Oscar. The movie is getting rave reviews with Netflix’s worldwide distribution and is setting the stage for a new slate of movies to be unwrapped over the next 5 years by the producers of Shimmer Lake. 

Here is the link to Variety Magazines article: Variety Magazine