Jim Reeves on TCL

Jim Reeves is a former owner of one of the original teams for the Texas Collegiate Baseball League and a retired sports columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. In the following article, Jim recounts his experience with the TCL.

It was a dream scenario: a sports writer actually being able to run his own baseball team. In the summer of 2004 and again in 2005, I was the managing partner of the Weatherford Wranglers of the Texas Collegiate Baseball League and an owner of the team for four years. What an experience.

It wasn't exactly like being Jerry Jones, or Mark Cuban, or Nolan Ryan; summer collegiate teams aren't quite that bigtime, (I doubt any of them have ever swept out their stadiums or arenas), but it was definitely a blast.

The most enduring and satisfying thing to come out of the experience were the relationships we formed, both with the people of Weatherford and with the players who put on the Wrangler uniforms.

For those four years, Weatherford was like a second home and the people who came and savored seeing some of the best collegiate players in the country couldn't have been more welcoming.

The players themselves were fresh and exciting and a pleasure to meet and work with through all four seasons. As a charter member of the TCBL, we found the competition both thrilling and grueling.

I'll never forget the experience of the hundreds of fans and players who supported us, cheered for us and made us a part of the community.

Jim Reeves
Sports Columnist (ret.)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram